2020 nuh easy!

Like many, I had to adapt to what was dealt this year. Kneading dough and baking was recommended by friends and family as a therapeutic way to distract my mind and focus on my passion. This is and has always been Jamaican food, music, people and culture.

Born and bred in Kingston, Jamaica - raised in Brampton, a suburb just outside of Toronto, I was always surrounded by my people, my music, my culture. My first job as a young yute was baking patties at my uncle Raps’ foundation Jamaican restaurant ‘RAPS’ on Eglington Avenue. I watched nuff patty bake and plenty dumplin ah fry.

Recreating my likkle piece of yard.

I migrated to Australia in 2006 and realised how much I missed and longed for this connection. Through the community of friends around me, DJ’ing, house parties and BBQ’s and trips back home, I was able to blissfully recreate my likkle piece of yard right here in Sydney. ‘Pon landing in Kingston or TDOT, it was a MUST to pass thru my favourite patty spot. Family knew to have a half dozen patty ready to get slap weh!

Big tings a gwan!

My goal is to bring that authentic Jamaican taste to you, and share it far and wide! We grow our own thyme, scotch bonnet and scallion. We mix our own spices, knead our own dough. We are a small family business located on the northern beaches of Sydney. Watch this space… big tings a gwan!

Give thanks.

Before mi leave, mi haffi big up mi parents, Charmaine and Errol, the master bakers and entertainers, where a house party meant serving di people dem ackee n saltfish breakfast the next mornin. Can’t forget my family and friends who supported and believed in my vision, and all of those who have a connection to the food, the culture, this is for you. And of course, the most High.
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